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My name is Dillon Flowers and I am a photographer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have been shooting for over 8 years and specializes in live band photography. Grey Fox Live is a publication I started using my passion and knowledge of music. Please enjoy!

Thank you for coming to Grey Fox Live. If you have any question on How to get put into the blog and or need photography, please feel free to contact me!

Mushroomhead // Boardwalk Orangevale

Dec 7th will go down as a amazing and sad night for me.  It was the night that I got to see the one and only MushroomHead! The show was defiantly not what I expected, arriving to find that the docket had gone from 3 local bands to a 8 band line up was a complete shock. Leaving each band with only 15 minutes to play their hearts out. With a line up like Oh! The Horror!, Nothing But Losers, and D-one, you know you were going to get a great show. However the additional bands made for a very long and nerve racking show. Nearly 6 hrs after arriving at the venue I finally got to photograph MushroomHead. 

They took the stage and completely destroyed it! With gas cans filled with water and light up drums, They drenched the stage. The cheer of the crowd screaming behind me as I snapped as many memories as I could within the 3 song limit. None the less the show was one for the books. 

The boardwalk will never be the same after this year due to new management. So here is a toast to what was and what will be in the future. Cheers!

Below are some of the photos taken that night, please enjoy! :