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My name is Dillon Flowers and I am a photographer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have been shooting for over 8 years and specializes in live band photography. Grey Fox Live is a publication I started using my passion and knowledge of music. Please enjoy!

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Aesop Rock // HEY KIRBY TOUR

The one and only, Aesop Rock, made his way to the Harlow's Nightclub stage tonight. His show was definitely one for the books. The way that he puts words together is unlike any rapper that I know of. With every lyric that leaves his mouth, its like watching someone paint a beautiful picture. Smooth, controlled, and a little bit of that Bob Ross vibe! Homeboy Sandman started of the show with crazy intensity and the crowd matched it! Sandman and Aesop even said that it was "The best night of the tour so far"! All together Sandman, Aesop, Rob Sonic, and DJ Zone destroyed the stage. Amazing night! Thanks Tastemaker Live for allowing me to shoot this show!