Grey Fox Live

My name is Dillon Flowers and I am a photographer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have been shooting for over 8 years and specializes in live band photography. Grey Fox Live is a publication I started using my passion and knowledge of music. Please enjoy!

Thank you for coming to Grey Fox Live. If you have any question on How to get put into the blog and or need photography, please feel free to contact me!

Attila's Chaos Tour // Ace Of Spades

Recently I had the honor to attend and photograph Attila's Chaos Tour. Among the killer lineup was Chelsea Grin, Emmure, and Sylar! The raw emotions that each band brought to the stage made this tour one for the books! Below are a few photos of the event! Big shout out to The Noise for giving me the opportunity to shoot these incredible bands! I will be posting the Noise's write up on the event as soon as it is posted.