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My name is Dillon Flowers and I am a photographer based out of Sacramento, CA. I have been shooting for over 8 years and specializes in live band photography. Grey Fox Live is a publication I started using my passion and knowledge of music. Please enjoy!

Thank you for coming to Grey Fox Live. If you have any question on How to get put into the blog and or need photography, please feel free to contact me!

From Giff to Fame! // Fame Riot @ Neck Of The Woods

Last night was a very special night for me. I had the honor to shoot my close friends "The Fame Riot"! But to explain why the night was special you need to know the whole story.

Lets put this in perspective, Shazam "TeaTime" Watkins and Liz Scarlett were two of my greatest friends growing up. I remember sitting in a room no bigger then a bathroom at best with 3 amps, a drum set, a key board, and a bunk bed, recording music on a laptop set in the middle of the room. these guys were the coolest dudes to play music with. Soon they would help create the band Giff Legs and would give me my first ever chance to shoot band photography. 

Last night I had the chance to bring it full circle. My wife and I drove from Sacramento to San Francisco to see the guys that helped start me on the path of concert photography. Shazam and Liz... If you are reading this I genuinely love you guys and words cant describe how thankful I am for your friendship. I hope that you guys will continue to thrive and kick ass at your shows! On ward and up word guys!